Live Green with helps Earth, saves money and supports health & beauty

In a fast-moving world, where lifestyle and trends influence consumer behavior, business has to oversee all decision-making powers to compete fairly in the market. The way to be closer to consumers is to know, what is all the range and what matters mass media feed audience.

Lastly, the one of called ‘that’s cool, man’ topics is eco-friendly trend. According to all accounts, we hear:

Leave the car and travel by bicycle!

Do not fill a bath up to the brim, better take a shower!

Do not leave water running while brushing teeth!

Use rechargeable batteries!

Eat organic food!

Do not use cosmetics tested on animals!

Being attacked with these types of slogans from billboards, TV ads and email newsletters, we start recycling, replacing light bulbs with LED’s, visiting organic shops and taking up arms against cruelty to animals. Eco-friendly habits have just become jazzy, so when somebody does not take care of environment, it is a big faux pas. Therefore, mobile developers have joined forces with eco-living trend and have given us mobile apps such a Live Green, which is a part of social campaign organized by Green Cross Poland (Polish department of an international environmental organization  – Green Cross International ).

Live Green with built-in image recognition technology ( is a very simple and smart App that raises people’s awareness about the impact on the environment. The app, through image recognition technology, provides particularly information on:

–        what products can be recycled,

–        which cosmetics were not tested on animals,

–        which cosmetics are filled with artificial preservatives and ingredients derived from genetically modified plants that may hurt skin,

–        what is organic food and what is ecological background of its production.

Besides it, Live Green acts like a personal assistant giving useful pro-ecological tips worth using in a daily life (which significantly cut costs, especially energy bills), such as: ‘close the windows before leaving home’, ‘turn off the radiator in unused rooms’. The app shows you, what should be taken into consideration while buying ecological food or cosmetics, how to use the car to significantly reduce carbon emissions and save money on petrol costs. It also presents many other essential advices on making the environmental protection efforts within your own initiatives. An interesting part of this app is a big collection of ecological stories and advices (for example, how to put unused stuff to a good account, etc.) recorded by Polish celebrities, such as Michał Piróg, Kinga Rusin and Kasia Bujakiewicz. They want to catch our eye on emphasizing that we have to live in symbiosis with the Earth.

How it works? The app is a big database consisting of recognizable signs (over 170), which we can find at eco-friendly labels placed on the packaging of cosmetics, foods, clothes and electronic equipment. Technology of image recognition from turns each sign into interactive content, which provides highly interesting experience for Smartphone users. At this stage you take a step towards environment protection, because developers do not waste paper and energy for printing brochures or magazines. Snapping a photo of a label is the only required activity to get the content. The app takes care of the rest and shows you desired information about the label.

Using Live Green app makes a virtue of necessity. At a first glance, it seems to be meaningless for the mission of preventing environmental damage, but in the long view, tiny changes promoted by the app through image recognition function save the Earth, let consumers ‘go green’ and be more aware to make reasonable decisions. They also promote healthy lifestyle. Reducing costs together with home and car maintenance is the icing on the cake.

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