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Recognition of similar images

Very often our customers add similar images to their database of images. In this case, our algorithms are usually able to recognize exact images; however, if the images are too similar, the algorithms return two or more results.

Multiple object recognition now available in our API

Some time ago, we wrote about multiple object recognition from one image. Now it is available in our API! 

How to prepare a perfect image dataset

  Even the most advanced cars require fuel to run. Better fuel means better performance; bad fuel will slow you down . . . if you’re lucky. If you’re not, it will damage the engine. is a F1 bolide, … Continue reading

Multum in parvo

In one of our previous posts we showed you that small size of objects isn’t a concern when it comes to our image recognition technology. Today we continue to provide you with examples of how tolerant our algorithm can be … Continue reading

Uploading your images with an XML file

We have already covered the basics of our sample image recognition-based iOS application. You may now be wondering how you can upload your images to our platform. There are three main ways to do this.

Multiple object recognition from one image? Piece of cake

Do you want to identify all of the products visible on a supermarket shelf? Or compare two books, perhaps? We are on the threshold of a great breakthrough. Take a look at the brilliant research carried out by our team, … Continue reading

Size doesn’t matter (at least for iTraff Technology)

As with any other technology, image recognition has its limitations. Pushing the boundary of what’s possible and what’s not is our primary task at iTraff Technology. Take a look at our case study.