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Unilever’s app is using image recognition to promote Knorr products.

  Recently Unilever has updated its Polish most popular mobile application and added an image recognition feature powered by the API.

Our new real-time scanner “Giraffe”

We created a real-time scanner called Giraffe to show you just how fast our image recognition technology is. You can download the application from Apple Store and Google Play.

Polish leader in furniture export to European markets creates an application that uses

VOX – the leading Polish furniture manufacturer – has created an application “Meble VOX” which turns a traditional paper catalog into an interactive source of information. Take a photo of the catalog and learn more about the sought-after product.

Query images – new size limits

Recently, we have updated the limits in our API which we set for query images. We think we should describe these limits in more detail, to guarantee they are properly understood.

Recognition of similar images

Very often our customers add similar images to their database of images. In this case, our algorithms are usually able to recognize exact images; however, if the images are too similar, the algorithms return two or more results.

Multiple object recognition now available in our API

Some time ago, we wrote about multiple object recognition from one image. Now it is available in our API!