iTraff Technology at Advertising Week in New York

Make your mobile app to understand offline world

Photo recognition technology as a part of augmented reality conquers the modern market. Many marketers decide to use it as a tool to make products interactive and empower brand awareness. Technology works easily: you snap a photo of a product, an app recognizes it and gives you a lot of opportunities to join real world with interactive possibilities. Continue reading ›

Google Glass rocks music

The greatness of Google Glass accelerates as fast as sport car in a short distance. And no wonder why – it’s because of the Google’s brand power. Nobody could compete with them for contrivance and cleverness, at least till now. They have good ideas of penetrating the market. However, Google Glass is not yet available for all. A narrow audience was chosen to test this technology including celebrities, especially musicians. Continue reading ›

Google Glass and make world interactive


Google Glass is pretending to be as innovative device as smartphones and tablets. It is expected  to replace the most crucial functions of mobiles and give users much more outstanding opportunities. Continue reading ›

Future of m-commerce

Mobile commerce deals will approach the top of the mobile market in the future. Their value will probably double in 2017 in comparison to the expected $1.5 trillion in 2013. The power of more than $3 trillion seems to be astonishing. Continue reading › at first Google Glass Hackathon!

iTraff Technology participated in a #GlassHackathon organized, for the first time, in Warsaw, Poland on 6th July. Enthusiasts of new technologies and innovative gadgets made four-person teams. For twelve hours they have been creating applications for Google Glass based on augmented reality. There were three administrators of this event: Google Developer Group Warsaw, interactive agency and mobile technology team We Like Caps! Continue reading ›

iTraff Technology at Advertising Week 10th Anniversary in New York!

We are proud to inform you that we were selected by DMR Partners to be an exhibitor at Advertising Week 10th Anniversary on 23rd-26th September this year! This is a promising opportunity to show our API in New York which was described as an innovative delivering solution for marketers. We will present our ideas to the world’s premier leaders in marketing and communications.

Keep your fingers crossed, please! We’re going to prove that Polish image recognition technology can get global appreciation at Advertising Week!

Hegemony of mobile technologies in a modern brand marketing

Mobile technologies create innovation that makes your brand stand out from the crowd. Now, it’s not only a matter of communication improved by mobiles which is seen as a faster exchange of information. Easier communication is only the one from a million benefits derived from mobiles. We write mobile notes to remember something, organize activities in our calendars, check the timetable, surf the Internet, watch TV shows.

Continue reading ›

Unilever’s app is using image recognition to promote Knorr products.


Recently Unilever has updated its Polish most popular mobile application and added an image recognition feature powered by the API. Continue reading ›

Our new real-time scanner “Giraffe”

We created a real-time scanner called Giraffe to show you just how fast our image recognition technology is. You can download the application from Apple Store and Google Play.

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