Unilever’s app is using image recognition to promote Knorr products.


Recently Unilever has updated its Polish most popular mobile application Przepisy.pl and added an image recognition feature powered by the Recognize.im API. Continue reading ›

Our new real-time scanner “Giraffe”

We created a real-time scanner called Giraffe to show you just how fast our image recognition technology is. You can download the application from Apple Store and Google Play.

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Polish leader in furniture export to European markets creates an application that uses Recognize.im

VOX – the leading Polish furniture manufacturer – has created an application “Meble VOX” which turns a traditional paper catalog into an interactive source of information. Take a photo of the catalog and learn more about the sought-after product.

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A large business in a single photo

We live in the image culture that is a huge source of information which computers are not able to recognize at all or only partially. Continue reading ›

Why Recognize.im?

We are always interested in to see what’s going on around us. Recently we have prepared an extensive image recognition test and performed it on our API and two of our major competitors: IQEngines and Kooaba. The test set consisted of hundreds of real-life pictures of books, CD’s, posters and other such products. We have gathered tons of statistics and were delighted to see just how great our technology performs in this context. This article presents extract from these results.

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How and why advertisers link the TV with the Internet?

We are sitting in front of TV and watching our favorite movie or a basketball game. For a minute our program is being interrupted by many different commercials. What do people do then?  Advertisements come up in unexpected moments so we are forced to watch them or we change the channel – but there’s a risk to encounter another one.

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Query images – new size limits

Recently, we have updated the limits in our API which we set for query images. We think we should describe these limits in more detail, to guarantee they are properly understood. Continue reading ›

5 Ideas for Innovative Mobile Marketing Campaigns


We all know for sure that the mobile market is really important for companies nowadays. It is not only a great place for promotion campaigns, it is now also a place where you can sell a huge number of products. To help you earn more, we want to drop some ideas on how you can use all the features that mobile apps provide, such as geolocation, image recognition and more. Continue reading ›

Recognition of similar images

Very often our customers add similar images to their database of images. In this case, our algorithms are usually able to recognize exact images; however, if the images are too similar, the algorithms return two or more results. Continue reading ›

Multiple object recognition now available in our API

Some time ago, we wrote about multiple object recognition from one image. Now it is available in our API!  Continue reading ›

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