Video content fingerprinting

We’ve been recently approached by a customer who intended to monitor the appearance of specific video ads in a video stream. Since a video stream can be simply decomposed to series of frames (pictures), it appears that our technology can be also used in such cases. Continue reading ›

Finding duplicate images

One of the surprising usages of our Image Recognition Technology is a “duplicate image” search. ​Effective use of such a technique allows every image-heavy operations to limit the amount of disk space images use by maintaining only one copy of each one. See below how we do that. Continue reading ›

The real-time shelf contents analysis

As is well known, the position of a product on a shelf, the number of its instances exposed in front of a client and the proportions of several products play a significant role in the sales process and have a strong impact on revenues. Over two years ago, the Team released a specialized algorithmic engine to support this task – the Shelf Mode, which allows analyzing the shelf contents. The time has come to empower it with dedicated hardware. Continue reading ›

Not sure if it’s the product you’re looking for? Time to consult the salesman shelf!

Nowadays clients got accustomed to being surrounded by publicity. Even a huge banner or an intrusive neon may remain unnoticed by a client whose purchase profile has evolved completely within last ten years. Clients become more and more aware of their preferences, they look for experts knowledge about the product and they value other users’ opinions. The marketing activities need to provide clients with product’s extras. You think that this kind of inbound marketing works only for purchases online? Check out how image recognition technology can help you attract client’s attention while shopping! Continue reading ›

Hello? Is it beer you’re looking for?

In the process of developing our image recognition technology we always try to test it in various environments. First there were book covers, posters and magazines. Then there were TV ads and multiple objects in one picture. And now it is time for beer, or more specifically, beer bottles. Continue reading ›

Use to analyze large image databases


We recently discovered a new way of using our image recognition technology that was brought to us by our new client – Brandbank. Using we can easily analyze large image databases and check the quality of stored images. Continue reading ›

Shopping shelf recognition in our API

We are happy to announce that we have just released the beta version of shopping shelf recognition mode in our API at It will help merchandisers and FMCG companies to instantly gather information about products on the in-store shelves. Continue reading ›

Become our reseller and provide great value for your customers

We would like to tell you more about our recent use case. One of our major clients just hit over 300 000 scans in a month and we want to share his story with you. This is a great example of how interactive agencies can provide great value for their clients and become our resellers. Continue reading ›

Edipresse runs more to see more with RecognizeMe


A first run of interactive magazines owned by Edipresse, the leading polish publisher, ( has turned out to be a surprising success. People use technology very willingly and the number of scans has been so successful, it was  beyond our dreams. Continue reading ›

Merchandising through image recognition for developers

Nowadays, one is not enough. The world wants more than one, so this is our motivation for work in order to meet the modern expectations. We have developed image recognition technology for one and more products to indicate a related content. We never ceased to improve it, but in order to keep pace with the leaders’ technology, we have to focus more on recognizing larger amount of products with our technology. The challenge is to make our API see a wider world and defeat a limited field of vision in the image recognition. Continue reading ›

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