Call to action… of any kind

Companies interested in image recognition technology in their mobile applications often imagine it as something very limited. In the minds of marketers rarely exist the knowledge about that it can lead to a lot of the different kinds of content. In practice, when you decide to start such mobile campaign, there is only one limit – the limit of campaign designers imagination.

We often encounter in our work people who believe (and we have no idea why) that image recognition technology only works when you take a photo of a specific object. Meanwhile, the action is much easier to call. You don’t need a photograph of any item. It might be just earlier designed pattern or part of the page.

For instance Polish magazine Film publishers recently decided to make its cover interactive. It was enough to take a picture of the cover (or part of it) with the mobile application SaveUp to be able to order Larsson’s trylogy Millenium without the shipping costs. To encourage such action they put a mysterious ad with the intriguing description inside the magazine.

YouTube Preview Image

It is just the one exaple. You can use image recognition technology in the newspapers or billboards of all kinds. A picture can lead to the online shop, the item description, instructional video or anything else. Promotion does not have to be about any specific product. It may as well be the book, movie as the espresso machine.

YouTube Preview Image

Campaigns with the use of the image recognition technology are becoming increasingly popular. The fact that you can convince people to make the pictures of the whole surrounding world was proved by the Tesco’s outdoor virtual store in South Korea, although they used those ugly QR codes. However, QR codes are only a stage between bar codes and image recognition. So we can expect that more and more companies will use rather the image recognition. Be creative and remember: there is no limit!

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