Easy way to make shopping list which saves your time and money

Image recognition technology and shopping listAll of us get a lot of printed information which is sent to us by stores (Wallgreen’s, H&M, Zara, Tesco etc.). Each leaflet contains discounts, price promotions, coupons or just products we can get for free. When we put all of them on our dining table it looks like leaflet library. Pile of paper where we can’t find what we want. “Where was this coupon for 50% off for Levi’s jeans?”. It takes us a lot of time to find it, take it and show it, write it down (or cut out with scissors). So we can’t really use promotions or discounts since we keep forgetting where they are.

There is an easy way not to forget and not to lose at the same time. Very easy way to remember and use the information which is printed in leaflets. Save money, make shopping list quickly and spend money wiser.

Imagine a mobile app which you use for making shopping list (Shopsavvy, GroceryIQ, ShoppinList, receipe.com or Remember The Milk), which can recognize photos you have taken. For example: you are reading a leaflet from Kohl’s. You grab your iPhone. You take pictures of products which you want to buy. You take photos (with your smartphone) of coupons, promotions and discounts you like. Your brilliant shopping list recognizes photos, makes a list of your products, discounts and coupons. You are ready to go. You can throw all the leaflets into garbage can and now you won’t spend money which you could save.

Mobile shopping list with photo recognition technology can do it.

Author: Arek Skuza

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