Recognition of similar images

Very often our customers add similar images to their database of images. In this case, our algorithms are usually able to recognize exact images; however, if the images are too similar, the algorithms return two or more results.

Until now, it has been possible to get only one recognition result from our Image Recognition API. However, based on our clients’ requests, we decided to add a method that returns all the recognition results.

To obtain all of the results instead of one, you just need to call: where xxx is your Client ID.

Let’s say that you add these two images to your reference images at



Here is what Manage Photos looks like:

As you can see, both of these images are very similar; they differ only with the “A” and “B” letters (hence the IDs: PotterA and PotterB).

Let’s send the recognize request with the following image:

Now when you call the above-mentioned method ( ), you will received a list of IDs of the recognized images. In this case, the result is as follows:


And if you call ,you will receive only one result—in this case:


You can find more information in our documentation.


Jakub Jurkiewicz Developer

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