5 Ideas for Innovative Mobile Marketing Campaigns


We all know for sure that the mobile market is really important for companies nowadays. It is not only a great place for promotion campaigns, it is now also a place where you can sell a huge number of products. To help you earn more, we want to drop some ideas on how you can use all the features that mobile apps provide, such as geolocation, image recognition and more.


1. Double impact

Printed advertisements have been with us since ancient times when some of the first commercial messages were created on papyrus. For many years marketers tried to get customers to interact with print. Very often phone numbers, SMS and website addresses are printed to encourage readers to take an action. Thanks to image recognition we are now able to interact with our customers even more easily. Today you can connect your ads to anything – videos, games, discount coupons and even directly to your products if you want your clients to buy them instantly. All you need is to have a mobile app that will recognize photos of your ads.

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2. I want to play a game

Gamification is one of the favorite marketing words recently. We have seen already many different games created by many different companies. QR codes can be helpful but using image recognition brings gamification to a new level. You are no longer forced to create all the parts of your game (through printing posters, etc.). Instead you can now use already existing materials such as product covers, buildings or… your competitors’ posters! There are many possibilities for interaction that you can use, from simple tasks (“Find 10 of our posters”) to more complicated games involving geolocation and time-limited missions (“Go to our store located in Roosevelt Field and take a photo of our new coffee mug – first 100 people will get a free coffee”).


3. Second screen for real

Recent studies show that more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets while simultaneously watching TV. There are already great apps that use this trend and allow users to interact directly with the show. Shazam recognized music from commercials during the Super Bowl and apps like SportStream allow you to interact with your friends during sports events. Now image recognition allows you to recognize a particular TV show just by taking a picture as it appears on your TV screen. You could take part in a competition, download the previous episode or simply buy the product that is currently showing in a commercial.

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4. Learn more

Most of us prefer learning by watching movies rather than reading through large handbooks or manuals. There are particular situations where videos become really helpful, such as when you are going to change a car tire for the first time. An application that uses a photo of any page in a car manual to screen a related video will save your butt many times. Apps based on image recognition, connected to a printed handbook, could help you while you study a foreign language or simply could make school classes and homework more fun.


5. Sell more

We have already mentioned the idea of recognizing printed ads but you don’t need to buy ads to sell your products anymore. How is that possible? Easy, just imagine a new CD’s review in your favorite magazine. If you have an online store that sells music all you need is a mobile app that uses the photo of the CD’s cover printed in the review to let people buy the CD (or MP3) from your store. And if you work for a magazine then you have even more opportunities to use an application. In fact going mobile should be the first thing on your roadmap if somehow you don’t have your own app yet. Photo recognition can make every page in your magazine interactive, full of videos and containing fresh information. Every page can become a mobile shop for your users.

Wojtek Rutkowski
Partnership Manager for Recognize.im

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