Hegemony of mobile technologies in a modern brand marketing

Mobile technologies create innovation that makes your brand stand out from the crowd. Now, it’s not only a matter of communication improved by mobiles which is seen as a faster exchange of information. Easier communication is only the one from a million benefits derived from mobiles. We write mobile notes to remember something, organize activities in our calendars, check the timetable, surf the Internet, watch TV shows.

Enormous potential is located in mobile apps which remind us about important meetings, take care of our health and ring the bell when we should take a medicine. They let us read e-book on a train, organize expenses, recognize songs that are played on the radio. Mobiles are also our personal assistants while shopping. They compare products, inform us about prices and give us details about the product. It allows us to buy something with one click on mobile device without leaving home.

There is no doubt – mobile devices have taken control of our lives and nowadays are giving us more and more surprising opportunities that can be used in a wide business area. A big challenge for marketers is to implement such mobile technologies into business that will boost potential of a brand.

The strategy is to make a profit from mobiles and the aim is an innovation that attracts customers and brings your brand to the top. Here are a few innovating ideas based on mobile solutions that are worth being taken into consideration while creating brand marketing.

1.     Brand engagement

Brand engagement consists of emotional and rational aspects which linked together make people eager to decide on your product, thus helping you beat the competition. When you add mobile devices to this marketing field, it will turn out quickly that people engage in your brand stronger because they use mobile devices more often than watch traditional TV ads or look at billboards on the streets. Even if we compare it with e-mail marketing – mobile is closer to people – mobile is in your pocket or a bag. It means that everything shown on the mobile screen is within an easy reach. That is why mobile innovations are so necessary to promote your brand. What’s more, it is a device that can be personalized and fit to your needs, interests and lifestyle. The function of personalization makes people dependent from mobile devices but it’s not a negative process.  When you give customers the opportunity to choose preferences in your brand using mobile application they will feel free but more related to your products.

2.     Sales channels

Because of growing demands of consumers, marketers have to realize that only showing a brand on mobiles is not enough to attract potential customers and increase sales. The solution is to use mobile as a profitable sales channel. When you allow people to buy your product using their mobile device, your sales will increase. Why? Growing demands are determined by the need of comfort. People then can make a decision and buy with one click wherever they are – at home, on a train, etc.

3.     Attractive offers of your products

Marketers can attract potential customers by giving them a special offer available only for mobile users. The other idea is to give them bonuses. When your products are worth-buying but the competition offers the similar ones on more favorable terms– you will likely lose. Create a set of products, then show them on your mobile app in an interesting way and you will not have to worry about purchasers.

4.     Customer experience and opinions

Implementing mobile technologies into sales strategy requires precision. When you build an app which lets clients buy your products without leaving home, make sure that this innovative sales channel is an easy platform to use. Mobile app has to make shopping easier and faster. The way from browsing for a product to its purchase must be very clear. Do not discourage your customers with complicated functions. People will use it next time, when the first purchase is comfortable. Furthermore, give them the opportunity  to share their opinions about products on your mobile app. It strengthens the relation between customers and your brand. That is also a good research of quality of your product. When something does not meet the expectations, it is a signal to think about improvements.

5.     Innovating value

Brand is a value on its own. But it is not enough to reach the top of the market. Modern business requires something more. Mobile technologies can extend this value in a way that will influence people’s problems, needs, interests and passions. When marketers use potential of mobile solutions, the brand will be associated with more activities than a basic shopping.

How can you increase the value? Build a mobile app that has innovative functions e.g.: assistance in making a decision, support while choosing the best one, help with giving pros and cons of your product, comparison of different offers, and other options enabling people to achieve their goals.

Mix brand with mobile technologies to make people feel like they were supported by the real adviser who knows them, their preferences, needs as well as personality which has also a huge impact on choosing a brand.

As you can see, mobile technologies offer many solutions which help building strong brand awareness and finally increase general sales of your products.

Five ideas presented above can be implemented into YOUR BRAND MARKETING NOW! How? Use the recognize.im API!


innovates brand engagement, because products are available immediately on your mobile device by taking a photo and recognizing your brand shown on billboards, newspapers or  shopping shelves;

– transforms a photo of your product into a sales item used in mobile sales channel;

– allows your customers to choose from attractive offers available only on mobile devices;

– makes mobile shopping way shorter, so customers experience comfort related to purchasing a product and create a good opinion about your brand in their minds;

– extends value of your brand because of innovative linking the photo of your product printed in the newspapers, magazines, seen on billboards or posters with additional information available on your mobile device at the same time and direct mobile sales channel.


Karolina Gołaś,

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