Google Glass and make world interactive


Google Glass is pretending to be as innovative device as smartphones and tablets. It is expected  to replace the most crucial functions of mobiles and give users much more outstanding opportunities.

What exactly is Google Glass? It is a gadget which uses augmented reality. Glasses allow you to recognize image and sound, to take a photo or, for instance, displays temperature and weather forecast in the place you are.  Implemented “ubiquitous computing” makes Google Glass interactive human and computer system. Processing information works with everyday objects, things and human activities. The basic interaction is based on  Internet which is opened by the natural human commands. You say  command in English and Google Glass identifies it. Many actions are also taken by touching glass and sliding finger across its frames.

The usability of Google Glass is not culminated in idea itself. Implemented augmented reality, which combines image recognition, was a point to create something more for business world and producers. Still depending on Google Glass solution you can build a new one or empower existing mobile application. This is possible when you start to work with API ( ) built by iTraff Technology Team. uses fast image recognition technology and it works together as  ‘an interactive bridge’ between Google Glass and you. On one side of the bridge is Google, which provides users with  smart Glasses behaving as a camera. With this gadget you snap a photo of a product (or just look at the object) or a brand you see in front of you – for example red sport shoes lying on the shelf in the store, a printed ad in the newspaper or even digital image placed on a pole you see on the street. You just look at what you see with Google Glass. Afterwards, app which uses technology understands a photo from Google Glass.

Nowadays world becomes 100% interactive. At this moment Google Glass can pin  a digital tag to the real shoes. Tag (information used from your app) shows e.g.. a price, size, material shoes are made of, or whatever you, as an app owner (producer, developer), want to show to your customers.


Google Glass and make your app interactive with surrounding world. It generates many benefits, which can be used in achieving business goals. ‘Interactive bridge’ linking real and digital world is a productive basis to create smart solutions for marketers and developers. The idea can be a lucrative part of marketing strategy. You can provide customers with more information about products, which helps them  make a decision. You can give users the opportunity to comment on your products so that customers could read opinions of people who have already bought one and recommendations about product usability, functions and typical applications. It is also a good way to make an app a virtual advisor helping with shopping. Using these ingenious technologies marketers can also conduct interactive marketing campaigns, which boost consumer awareness of the whole business or a specific product. Irrefutable advertising power combinedwith mobile application based onimage recognition is a perfect mix idea for coming into the market. Implemented solution can make promoted brand extremely recognizable because of innovation people fell in love with for it raises comfort and helps in daily life. Dynamic content delivered to the customers who live in a hurry and want to get information quickly will turn out to be a hit.Developers who want to sell more should think about mobile technologies which are influencing business more and more bravely. Presented idea of mixing Google Glass, and an app seems to be a good solution to reach top of the market and consequently generate impressive profit in the world conquered by new technologies.


Karolina Gołaś,

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