Make your mobile app to understand offline world

Photo recognition technology as a part of augmented reality conquers the modern market. Many marketers decide to use it as a tool to make products interactive and empower brand awareness. Technology works easily: you snap a photo of a product, an app recognizes it and gives you a lot of opportunities to join real world with interactive possibilities.

Producers, who would like to implement image recognition to their app, have to build a database of products’ photos. Then, they need to ask developer to supply them with recognition technology.

There are many developers who work on image recognition technology. A few of them play a huge role in the global market – Blippar, Layar, Aurasma.

Let’s focus on Blippar. It is a an app using augmented reality. Blippar recognizes an image (a consumer can point a smartphone at newspaper ads, posters, banners or photos) or physical product and he receives an interactive content. Over 250 marketers decided to work with Blippar’s idea (for example – Maybelline, New Look, etc.). Blippar has also signed many contracts with celebrities such a Justin Bieber. He uses it in his music CD to gain more fans and to become more original than other stars.

Blippar solution is an application, which acts as an intermediary between an image and information related to it. Blippar is just an app which any brand can join to make its logotype, ads, products interactive. Blippar gives an access to the function of image recognition so brands can use it. Blippar claims it can increase conversion rate up to 30%. If brands decide to use it, they have to promote Blippar brand to let customers known interactivity is possible.

In practice, people who would like to enjoy interactive solution, which is available for, let’s take, Maybelline product, have to download the Blippar app first. If I wanted to read more information about Maybelline’ cosmetics, I would have to take several actions. First – visit Blippar’s website or application portal, then – download Blippar app on my mobile and finally use it to recognize Maybelline product.

As a result, customers have to download the app of a technology developer instead of Maybelline’s app. It’s ridiculous, because people would like to fully benefit from Maybelline because it produces good quality cosmetics (things they love), so why they have to bring Blippar into play?! Actually, customers support two brands – Maybelline and Blippar being connected in any way with the final product used by the customers.

A good example is also a Budweiser (one of the top selling beers in the United States). Budweiser has its own mobile app. Recently they have decided to use recognition technology. They asked  Blippar to get image recognition technology. How does it work in practice? Customers who want to enjoyinteractive content for Budweiser have to download Blippar app not the Budweiser’s.  It means that Budweiser has to encourage customers to download Blippar’s app in the first placeto have a possibility to offer them image recognition of Budweiser products. As a result, Budweiser is forced to consider in his marketing strategy promoting not only their own brand but also Blippar’s brand!

Do you feel the problem? Blippar does not want to implement image recognition directly to Budweiser app (and other almost 300 developers in the world). It’s a smart policy based on engaging your own brand in other strong brands in the market with great fame and a huge trust among customers. Blippar, Layar and Aurasma build their greatness on the groundwork of developed powerful brands,. From producers’ point of view, it’s not the most fortunate solution of their marketing strategies. They attract customers to other brand of technology developers instead of attracting them to their own brand and own mobile app, which directly reflects the business they run.

There is one solution to this problem. Creating your own app, which has implemented image recognition technology in itself. offers this kind of idea. iTraff Technology Team working on API allows producers to empower existing app and give them image recognition technology to adopt to the app. The basic difference among developers mentioned before is the fact, that doesn’t promote its brand  in your app. It is not necessary to download external app brand to make your product interactive with your mobile app. All you have to do is to implement the image recognition technology to your app using Go to, build a database there and apply technology to your app. To make your products recognizable create an interactive content existing in your app not the app of!

Now, think once again about your marketing strategy using image recognition. Would you like to support other brand in your business? Enjoy image recognition in your app promoting if and only if your quality. will help you to do this!

Karolina Gołaś,

  • David

    well, this post is not completely true since, at least Layar, includes as part of their solutions a white label app which allows using their technology with your own brand

    • Arek Skuza

      Hi David, thank you for comment. You are right, although if you look at their strategic focus, it is Blippar itself. Thank you for comment.

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