Let in-store shoppers use mobile image recognition and become a big hitter in the market

The current challenge for marketers is to improve in-store customer service and make shopping easier and more attractive. Mobiles are becoming our companions in daily activities including purchasing, so taking advantage from its capabilities is an essential action to meet customers’ expectations. Last research done by Google shows, that using digital devices does not discourage people from goingshopping. On the contrary –the research proves, that people spend even more time in stores. The result is clear – mobiles seem to be kind of people’s digital advisors while making purchase decisions.

Some may wonder, if components of typical marketing strategy are real enough, what is the reason to supply business with such a relatively new tool for boosting marketing interaction. Answer – to build a strong bridge between your products and the end consumers. If you disregard mobile in pre-purchase activities, your efforts to become big hitter will not serve its purpose. To get the jump on the marketing rivals, we suggest you use image recognition technology in your services.

The impressiveness of mobile image recognition is still underestimated, but grows in its value. Implemented function in your app, which allows customers to snap photos of the products faces an easy problem – a buyer decision process. It always emerges at the moment of standing in front of the shop shelves, where there are dozens of similar product tempting with its package and slogan. The question that comes up then is – which item should I buy?

Mobile image recognition identifies all the products you take into consideration. The app shows you recommendations, opinions, compares the prices, usability, etc. All of that helps you to decide on the most favorable one. The app provides a showrooming tool, so if you still hesitate – don’t worry about it.

In-store shopping experience is assisted by something, that everybody knows and shares eagerly. It’s a photo of an item, which, put in mobile technology, replaces a typical method of help services led in the shopping centers – personal advisors. A scannable product is sufficient to give customers desirable data. There is no need to ask others what could be the best choice of what you see on the shelve. Think of the moment, when you are trying to choose the shoes, and personal assistant is busy advising another customer and you are seeing nobody, who could help you make decision. Don’t waste your time. Use your mobile, take a photo of a product and let your app deliver everything you want to know.

A lot of merchants launched QR code in their business. From technical point of view, it’s easier, but requires placing a specific sign on each product. All packages must be fitted with printed code. What is more, customers, who want to scan some product, have to find a QR first, and then can snap a photo of it. IR shortens the way of gaining content about the product, because everything you need is to take a photo of the object directly.

The vantage of image recognition manifests also in the capability of text recognition placed on the images. It generates many possibilities to transfer more content for the recipients. This function can be implemented as a tool for lottery purchases and coupons.
Image recognition can play an interesting role in loyalty programs. The example is a campaign based on a simple action: take a photo of purchased product and send it to the producer to receive a discount for the further shopping or a free gift.

The developers of IR know, which side customer’s bread is buttered on. Thousands of products, alike as two peas, might make customers confused and often unable to decide. If we give them mobile image recognition in the app, they will quickly make up their minds. It will also develop a consumer brand trust, so in that way you have the chance to corner the market and become the cream of the crop in your trade.


Karolina Gołaś,

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