Edipresse runs more to see more with RecognizeMe


A first run of interactive magazines owned by Edipresse, the leading polish publisher, (http://blog.recognize.im/index.php/2013/10/see-anja-rubik-with-itraff-technology-interactive-magazines/) has turned out to be a surprising success. People use technology very willingly and the number of scans has been so successful, it was  beyond our dreams.

Because of a positive reception of image recognition, Edipresse has decided to involve more printed magazines to boost readership satisfaction.  This time, there are two different, but special target reader groups, who have a chance to get to know paper-smartphone interaction.

The first magazine is “Mamo To Ja” – one of the mostly read magazines for parents caring about their babies. Readers can take a photo of a magazine cover, with a smartphone or a tablet using RecognizeMe app, to see a video from a special Christmas session with the participation of a lovely baby.


Another one is “Poradnik Domowy” – monthly guide magazine dedicated to cooking , health, fashion, beauty, travelling, furnishings and home decorations. We are certain, that all users will discover something interesting, because many pages from each section are equipped with RecognizeMe sign to see more through image recognition technology.

 As an example, the magazine offers a good support for women, who look for heels and are not decided, which model is suitable for their feet. Now, all they have to do is to download Recognize.Me app from the App Store, and use it to scan a whole page depicting heels, to get useful tips and fit the best pair. There’s nothing worse than walking in an uncomfortable pair of shoes,  so try and be surprised, what aspects are essential during  shoe-fitting.


“Poradnik domowy” has prepared also something for coffee lovers. If you believe, that a day without coffee is like a day without sunshine, you have to try a recipe available on your smartphone after scanning the page with a photo of a cup. Then, the app will give you a professional step-by-step guide, how to prepare, in a few minutes, a delicious cappuccino decorated with a heart-shape.

If you have been a dedicated reader of “Przyjaciółka” for many years, (a magazine, which extends the variety of content especially for women  being readers of ”Poradnik Domowy”), you will probably be curious about the magazine’s history. Bring yourself back, how many things you could get to know and see unforgettable covers  published over the years.


It is only a small part of prepared interactive contents for readers. The publisher allows to explore the added content in a digital form for people, who do not resign from magazines in a traditional paper form, but use also smartphones or tablets on a daily basis. Implemented technology does not oblige to resign from the most known mass media, but adds an amazing experience to them. Print media experience becomes a multi-media experience. As a result  the content satisfaction grows and people spend more time on reading newspapers.

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