Not sure if it’s the product you’re looking for? Time to consult the salesman shelf!

Nowadays clients got accustomed to being surrounded by publicity. Even a huge banner or an intrusive neon may remain unnoticed by a client whose purchase profile has evolved completely within last ten years. Clients become more and more aware of their preferences, they look for experts knowledge about the product and they value other users’ opinions. The marketing activities need to provide clients with product’s extras. You think that this kind of inbound marketing works only for purchases online? Check out how image recognition technology can help you attract client’s attention while shopping!

These days the client usually wants to know more about the product before purchase in particular when it comes to computer games or electronic devices. It happens that, having access to the internet on the smartphone, the client digs for additional information standing in front of a store shelf. Why not facilitate his quest and give him the opportunity to ask directly the shelf?

Interactive Counter Displays prepared by Norbsoft for a world-famous computer games publisher offer a brand new way to expose products in a store. The idea is to enhance the role of a shelf. By equipping it with image recognition technology that allows to detect the product in the costumer’s hands, it is possible to provide the client with some additional information regarding the product. The customer standing in front of an Interactive Counter Display needs to literally show the game to the device; it is as simple as that! Once the game is recognized, the device displays product’s extras – the user can watch the game trailer or consult its description.

The paths of various interactions between a shelf armed with image recognition technology and a client are countless. It is likely to happen within next couple of years that such a store shelf will allow the client to try out the recognized game, to score a discount if we played well, or propose other games potentially entertaining.

The usage of such a shelf does not have to be limited to computer gaming only. By scanning a food product, it might be possible to present a fancy recipe and a list of other products necessary to cook it. By scanning music album’s cover, it would be possible to inform about the concert which will be held hereabouts soon.

With image recognition technology walking around the store became tricky – watch out as perhaps the shelves are watching you too!

Pawel Blazejowski, Developer

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