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How and why advertisers link the TV with the Internet?

We are sitting in front of TV and watching our favorite movie or a basketball game. For a minute our program is being interrupted by many different commercials. What do people do then?  Advertisements come up in unexpected moments so … Continue reading

5 Ideas for Innovative Mobile Marketing Campaigns

  We all know for sure that the mobile market is really important for companies nowadays. It is not only a great place for promotion campaigns, it is now also a place where you can sell a huge number of … Continue reading

Multiple object recognition now available in our API

Some time ago, we wrote about multiple object recognition from one image. Now it is available in our API! 

The second screen of a printed commercial

The modern world is full of printed commercials in various forms – city posters, leaflets, magazine advertisements. Although they are different, they all have a common attribute – they are static. The consumer can only watch them. Is it going … Continue reading

Multum in parvo

In one of our previous posts we showed you that small size of objects isn’t a concern when it comes to our image recognition technology. Today we continue to provide you with examples of how tolerant our algorithm can be … Continue reading

Multiple object recognition from one image? Piece of cake

Do you want to identify all of the products visible on a supermarket shelf? Or compare two books, perhaps? We are on the threshold of a great breakthrough. Take a look at the brilliant research carried out by our team, … Continue reading

Video, fool

We all know that mobile Internet speed is rising at a dizzying pace, but how do we make use of it with our smartphones? Do we devour our transfer limit mainly on web searches via a browser? Wrong. Video content … Continue reading

Create iOS application with image recognition in 10 minutes

So, you have an iPhone or an iPad. You heard that image recognition is trending and almost everyone is wondering how to incorporate this technology into their apps? We, at, have a ready solution.

QR codes and image recognition technology

Virtual stores appeared on posters in the city of Poznan, similar to those created by Tesco in South Korea or Peapod in the U.S. The whole idea however, is based on the QR codes, which significantly reduce attractiveness of this … Continue reading API goes public

We are glad to announce that today our image recognition API service, which can be used to leverage the growing trend for virtual stores and mobile-based purchasing, goes public. Until now the service was available by invitation only. Think … Continue reading