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Video, fool

We all know that mobile Internet speed is rising at a dizzying pace, but how do we make use of it with our smartphones? Do we devour our transfer limit mainly on web searches via a browser? Wrong. Video content … Continue reading

Mobile App Camp – see you there!

Recognize.im will be a partner during the Mobile App Camp in Skopje (Nov 30 – Dec 2). Do you want participate in a great hackathon or learn more about image recognition technology? You can still register.

Crunchies event on the horizon

The 2012 Crunchies is an event run by TechCrunch, GigaOM and Venture Beat. Some new and exciting categories were introduced this year. Who is going to win the prestigious awards?

Try iTraff Technology Image Recognition in Your App, Win a New iPad!

The businesses of today rely on mutual cooperation more than ever. The rise in popularity of third party software integration and APIs indicates that good collaboration translates directly to high value. When we started building our image recognition technology, we … Continue reading

Take photo and find reviews or simply buy books

The biggest Polish social website for book lovers, Lubimyczytac, released mobile app which uses image recognition technology delivered by recognize.im. Photo recognition technology helps people buy better books for better price. How can users benefit?

Image recognition technology and ad targeting.

According to Facebook engineers there are 200 million pictures uploaded on Facebook daily and 6 billion monthly. If we add Pinterest, Flickr etc. the number is huge. Pictures uploaded by users feed database with information – they reflect what we … Continue reading

Call to action… of any kind

Companies interested in image recognition technology in their mobile applications often imagine it as something very limited. In the minds of marketers rarely exist the knowledge about that it can lead to a lot of the different kinds of content. … Continue reading

SaveUp: Instant shopping with photo recognition technology

SaveUp, mobile application designed for smartphones, allows immediate purchases. It identifies the products by photos taken with a phone camera thanks to advanced image recognition technology. Chosen products can then be ordered and picked up at home. It opens new … Continue reading